Standees – life-size Cutouts.below are a few of the various alternatives you’ll be able to decide upon your lifestyle measurements composition board cutout

Standees – life-size Cutouts.below are a few of the various alternatives you’ll be able to decide upon your lifestyle measurements composition board cutout

At Cardboard Cutout Standees we specifically develop life-size personalized cutouts. Our work is focused entirely on providing the finest life-size cutouts for your upcoming group, advertisement, or special day. You can expect many choices to individualize your way of life sizing cardboard cutouts. We can utilize multiple products, book selection, and cut right out types to your life sized standee. Our proficient associate prides themselves in making certain every cardboard boxes stand that leaves our very own facility satisfies our excellent measure. Your own composition board standee is definitely developed within 1-2 working days, where is various delivery options to be sure that the image standee try sent in order to meet the delivery needs. We have been positive you’ll end up satisfied aided by the excellent, options, and timeliness of your standees.

These are some of the numerous options you’ll decide upon yourself length cardboard boxes cutout


You generate life sized standees in a variety of components; each of which possessing distinctive characteristics.

  • The normal, most economical substance readily available for the lifesize stand was covered composition board. This choice is the best for interior incorporate and reasonable control.
  • For the top pattern top quality life sized stand-up, we advice foam basic. This is exactly incredibly flat product and offers the sharpest graphics excellent for your specific life-sized cutout.
  • If you’d like everything size cutout to thrive sun and rain or you need reuse it for several parties we recommend corrugated plastic material. This substance is comparable in construction to cardboard, it is impervious within the ingredients and a lot more sturdy than typical cardboard boxes.

The whole set of items are generally imprinted with UV resilient, watertight inks on commercial excellent inkjet inkjet printers. Your lifestyle size cutout should not fade-in the sunlight and can look wonderful for years.

Cardboard boxes Cutout Standees includes a strong sit with life size cutouts. Cardboard clipped outs and foam key sliced outs set-up fast with a permanently affixed stand. Corrugated plastic trim outs set-up immediately with a stand that have been removed and re-attached. Its suitable for when you need to consider down and transfer everything dimensions standee for trade events or deals.

Article Solutions

We provide many how to combine content your lifesize standee. Address bubbles, assumed bubbles, and symptoms are generally readily available. Decide your lifestyle size cutout to add in a funny estimate? We will print the written text you’d like in a speech ripple, reckoned ripple, or mark. Or, so long as you along with your good friends desire to use your very own creativeness and write your personal emails, presents dried remove whiteboard choice for your daily life measurements cutout. Have a great time with all your “flat” invitees of honor by choosing a message solution.

When you plan to use your own lifesized standee for an advancement or business tv series, our personal design office could add book or company company logos towards your lifesize cutouts. Engage customers with an eye catching life sized cutout. E-mail us at [email secured] with questions about our capabilities.

Function Options

If you plan on using your life dimensions custom-made cutout for image potential, cardboard boxes Cutout Standees could actually help. Design your lifesize standee into a photo shop with a face cutout, or talk to you to eliminate the head for a stand-behind solution. With a face cutout life sized operate, your buddies and friends can be transformed into a superhero, a fireman, a pilot, or maybe even a pet or area beast! Of these options, we could create a full-body life sized cutout or create yourself proportions standee including the background published on a complete square layer help your invited guests to best disguise behind the look regarding finest pic.

Pic Modifying

Sometimes it is difficult to find ideal photograph to suit your life-sized remain true. For advice about recording and selecting videos, read some tips in this article.

Below are some cases where we are able to help. When photos for your life-size cutout:

  • try cutoff with the branch / knees / ft, we are going to create the absent areas of the body.
  • have a supply concealed behind some other person, we could combine a supply.
  • consists of a frustrating shadow or flash spot, you can easily eliminate it.
  • is retaining a plate, we could change it into a margarita glass!

The knowledgeable professionals of picture editorial staff members can deal with your very own picture to create a perfect life-sized cutout. Cardboard Cutout Standees Photography editorial staff members can likewise carry out brain swaps between videos which means your closing life sized standee looks excellent for your own celebration. If positioning an order just make a note of the manner in which you would like all of our looks edited.

Huge Options

Cardboard Cutout Standees make huge cutouts. Though our max length for a single decorate standee are 47 ins by 95 in, we’re able to stretch out the limitations through many screens to produce immense cutouts. This permits north america to generate life sized cutouts for many techniques from a large class picture compared to that life-sized giraffe you mostly desired! Contact us at [email secured] to inquire about about making a multi-panel standee.


Life size cutouts could be more than everyone! We all generate things – life size animals, life sized computer animated figures, autos, anime….the odds forever size standees include endless!

Sending / Shipment

Get life size cutout delivered and provided by picking out the alternative that best fits your preferences:

  • Totally Free Economic Situation Shipping
  • UPS Crushed
  • UPS 3 Morning Choose
  • UPS 2 Morning Air UPS
  • Day After Environment

Satisfy let 1 working day for people to create your daily life proportions cutout after which add transportation experience. Please don’t consider sunday era for either manufacturing or freight occasion for one’s standee. Feeling were genuine latter advisor or ignored to ordering living size cutout for the few days’s gathering? Give us a call or let us know at [email secure] and all of our life-size cutout wizards can do whatever can to conserve the top week!